Imagine a future of massive data centers with tens of thousands of servers dynamicallycloud and virtualization allocating processing loads to meet demand and conserve energy.


Pretty impressive vision with some real examples from folks like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others. These guys are building "public" clouds while enterprises will likely build "private" clouds to meet their own internal needs. The efforts going on at the Defense Information Systems Agency is agood example of a leading edge private cloud.

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Our desktops are just like our dressing or work table where we want everything ready to use without wandering here and there. desktopcomputing2Being a part of a competitive era Technology leaders are launching simple to use Desktop applications that are actually the little genies making our wishes come true, while leading to  efficient desktop computing. We have picked up some hot applications that are a MUST have for a robust Desktop environment.

On studying the market trends we have realized that BlackBerry is becoming one of the most preferred technologies

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Day to day business challenges and growth demands have lead to the launch of some remarkable networking solutions by the industry giants including IBM, HP, Cisco, Dell and many other outstanding providers.  networkingsolutions1We have selected a few of them for discussion to help you decide and get the most appropriate networking solution deployed at your business / data center.

HP is renowned for its technology solutions worldwide and holds a great market share due to its turnkey solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

Some of the latest product releases include HP ProLiant ML110 G7 an entry-level server supporting the basic application framework such as databases, file and print operations and web messaging. Then we have the HP ProLiant DL120 G7 a rack-optimized server running a broader range of dedicated applications such as web messaging, small Internet applications, IT applications and shared web access. These smart servers provide a simple yet

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the most in demand technology that is facilitating vpnsolutions3secure data, traversing public networks such as Internet. The deployment of VPN’s has given many small to medium organizations a cost effective solution for remote access, which would have otherwise been one of the biggest growth barriers for technology dependent businesses. A VPN allows you to access your personal data or business systems via the Internet by creating a secure tunnel between two systems with the highest level of data encryption.

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It's highly likely that the most popular software program is Microsoft Office. With numerous variations to the Office platform, including Office 365 - the largely cloud based version of Office - it's easy to see why. A common complaint of Office users sharepoint1is that it can be tough to share documents and collaborate with other employees. Microsoft has a solution: SharePoint.


SharePoint is a great way for companies to enhance Microsoft Office 365's capabilities. It has many benefits that small to medium business owners can take advantage of. Here's five of the best:

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